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Upcoming Bar Events


T's Saloon holds various events throughout the year such as: Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Haloween Parties, Hypnotists, Duelling Pianos, 80's Parties and Wing night every Wednesday. Check the list below for our upcoming events!


  • Wings Wednesday - Every Wenesday 6pm-9pm



Upcoming Local Events


Milo is host to many different events throughout the year, most being sponsored by local groups such as the Library, Fire Department or Milo Lions Club. Check the list below for upcoming community events to join in!



  • Milo Lions annual BBQ and Show 'n Shine - August  2017



Browse the Gallery below images from past local events

Local Activities


Milo is located in Southern Alberta next to Lake McGregor, which means there are plenty of lake activities during all seasons. The town also offers several facilities such as a skating rink, curling rink, playground and park areas.

Fishing at Lake McGregor
Milo Gun Range
Milo Walking and Running Path


Lake Mcgregor is located nearby, offering plenty of room for fishing. The lake offers 500 square kilometres of open area and has plenty of inlets and bays that are hotspots for fish.  The dam at the north end of the lake offers particularly good access to lakeside fishing. Local fish include: Walleye, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, and Northern Pike.


Tip: Make sure you obtain a fishing license before fishing. You can obtain these from license retailers or online at

Gun Range


A new gun Range has been built just a short way outside of Milo. If you are looking to get in some target practice, or even plan on sighting in your Rifle before some hunting, the range is the place to do it. The 160 acre area will offer Shotgun, Pistol, Archery and several different lengths of Rifle range to its members.


Tip: The range is run by the Calgary & District Shooters Association so a membership with them will be required. Check them out here

Running Path


The town of Milo has a 2.5 km running path that winds its way along the edge of the town and out towards the lake. Whether you're just looking to get some exercise, or are headed to the lake for the day, the path will keep you off the highway and away from traffic.



Tip: The walking path ends at the dam on the north end of the lake, if you keep going across the dam then you're right at the Campground!

Ice Fishing on Lake McGregor
Snowmobiling in the Prairies
Boating on Lake McGregor
Ice Fishing


Ice fishing is a common past time for sportsmen in the area during the winter. The large surface of the lake offers plenty of places to set up camp. The ice is usually nice and thick throughout the winter, and most people access the lake through the boat launch in the campground.


Tip: Avoid areas with open or running water, or with thin ice, such as where the canal enters the lake. If you're not sure, ask a local or another fisherman for areas to avoid!



Most people own a snowmobile of some sort out in a rural area like Milo. The large open areas and often heavy snowfall make the country a fun place for some snowday riding. Snowmobiles are also lighter than full sized vehicles for driving around the frozen lake.



Tip: The area may be large and open, but make sure you have permission to be riding on the land that you're on, and watch out for fences!



Lake McGregor is the perfect place to go boating. The large area of the lake allows you to ensure that you have an open area to yourself for any water sports you might be interested in. Skiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing, Kneeboarding, Swimming or just driving around, the lake is a dream come true.


Tip: The only boat launch in the area is located in the campground. If you want to avoid line ups at the boat launch, put your boat in early and pull it up to shore along the campground!

Diamonds available in Milo Alberta
Wildlife and Hunting in Milo and the Prairies
Beach Volleyball in Milo


The town of Milo has two baseball diamonds available for use. The locals usually field a softball team in the area league every year and are always looking for new players. In addition, a yearly softball tourney weekend is a great time to play some ball or hang out in the beer gardens. The ball diamond are managed by the Milo Recreation Office.


Tip: The Diamonds are located next to the Arena by the elementary school, if you have any home run champs playing ask them to avoid the school windows.

Milo Curling Club leagues and bonspiels


Curling is the main winter sport of most of the local residents. Our recently renovated curling rink offers a top notch experience and quality ice. Leagues are held during the weekdays and Bonspiels several times during the winter. The upstairs lounge is the perfect place to hang out and unwind after a game.


Tip: Try one of the famous "Rink Burgers". During bonspiels the kitchen is run by Prairie Perfection Catering, and the food is to die for. Homemade soups, Pies, and Quality Alberta Beef make it a meal you won't soon forget.



The area around Milo is thick with different types of rural wildlife. Mule Deer are the most common, and require a draw ticket to hunt. Whitetail Deer are a bit harder to find, but you can purchase a ticket for them. You might even see a Moose or an Elk around. Partridges, Pheasants and Ducks are also plentiful.


Tip: Make absolutely sure you have permission to hunt on any property you access. To avoid any trespassing issues, ask around for a local guide to show you around.

Skating, Shinny, Hockey available Milo Arena


Milo has a skating arena available for use during the winter. The rink has memberships available or you can pay a drop in fee for single time use. The ice is maintained by volunteers and the facility is maintained by the town so please be respectful. The town also occasionally hosts skate days on Lake McGregor.


Tip:  The rink usually has a few pucks kicking around, but if you're wanting to play some shinny you should bring a couple extras.

Beach Volleyball


Located next to the Curling Rink and the Lions Park, the Beach Volleyball court is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. The Milo Recreation Office runs an annual Beach Volleyball tournament every summer, accepting teams from anywhere. During the tourney a beer garden is also run by the court and food is served from the rink.


Tip: Bring a Volleyball! There are no balls publicly available, so make sure you've got one otherwise you won't be able to play.

Camping in Milo Alberta, Lake McGregor


The main local campground is located on the north end of Lake McGregor. They have plenty of areas to camp in and the campsites are very free form, allowing easy group camping in many places. Firepits are provided, but there are no water, sewer or electrical hookups available.



Tip: If you're coming down for the weekend, take Thursday off and come a day early. That way you get your choice of the areas with the most trees or along the lake.

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