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Our History

The Milo Hotel was built in 1926 and is one of the original buildings along main street Milo. The presence of the C.P.R. rail line, which was removed over 15 years ago, helped establish the need for a hotel. The building was built by carpenters Alick Soderling and Juergen Jacobson. The original owners, F. Sutton and sons, passed it on to Newt Boleen who sold it to a long time local John Deere dealer named Earl Jones. It wasn't until Earl Jones sold it to Bud Byers in 1957 that the hotel was upgraded with indoor plumbing. The Hotel then passed from Bud, to Lawrence "Smitty" Smith before being sold to ex Mountie Doug Buchanan.


Doug was known for his "Self-Serve" methodology of selling alcohol, going so far as allowing people to ring up their own totals as well. Locals claimed that the system worked just fine, stating that he never lost a dime by doing things that way.


In 1981 George and Marion Saunders bought the Hotel. George was a big burly man who used his size to maintain order in his establishment, but he and his wife sold the bar to Bruce Larson and Harry Gwinner in 1984. At this time the bar was expanded to allow for 65 patrons. 


Ron Leclair became the owner in 1988 and during this time electronic liquor dispensers were installed, and off-sale liquor was legalized, which the bar still offers today. The hotels storefront was given a facelift along with a few other renovations. When the next owner, Jennifer Gore, purchased the bar in 1996 she added an outside patio, along with a few renovations of her own. In 1998 The barroom was named "Slick-Up Saloon"


The name stuck until July 2008, when current owners and operators Robert and Darlene Phillips purchased the bar from Jennifer Gore, at which time the barroom was rennamed to T's Saloon.


Over the years since taking ownership, Robert and Darlene have renovated the hotel bathroom, updated the rooms with some new furnishings, and renovated the hotel suite. All the hotel rooms now have Air Conditioning and Satellite TV, and the barroom has been the beneficiary of new seating. Additionally, a large construction project is underway, digging out and adding a basement below the bar, which will add significant square footage. 

Milo Hotel Present Day
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