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Milo Hotel Bar

T's Saloon is a small town bar with a warm welcoming attitude. We serve people from many different walks of life, from locals to those visiting for work or those visiting for play. Stop in and grab a drink, we have history in our building and plastered all over our walls. Located in Milo, a town of 120 residents and a farming community, it's a great place to unwind after work or play.

Our separate pool area contains our red billiard cloth covered pool table. The space has handy tables and seating around the table for players and spectators, as well as a railing to hold your drinks for you while you shoot. Each game takes $1.25 (one loonie and one quarter) and change is available at the bar.

Pool Table Room
T's Saloon Milo Hotel

As a cattle community there are plenty of different distinct cattle brands in the area. Our wall features quite a few of the local cattle producer's brands, and each plaque has the brands actually burned into them. Each plaque also explains which farm the brand comes from below the brand itself.

Our walls are decorated with unique area history. Seen to the right, a Race Meet poster from 1970 depicts the types of activities that were to take place in the area for the duration of the event. These old posters offer a unique look into the life of area residents from over 45 years ago. 

T's Saloon Bar
Milo, Lake McGregor Patio

Our patio might be covered in snow during the winter, but during the summer, it's the perfect place to relax with a cold brew, sheltered from any wind or sun, still enjoying the great outdoors. The patio may be outside, but it is not a smoking area, so everyone can enjoy themselves.

The bar is fully stocked with cold beer, coolers, cheladas, and draft beer. Our liquor selection can provide you with mixed drinks of your choice, or whatever your straight up preference is. Additionally, our blender is a favorite in the summer, pouring out ice cold slushy cocktails that really beat the heat.

Milo Hotel
University of Milo, Calgary Hitmen, Jordan Henry, Neil Deitz, Danny Watt, Jim Sheild, Ken Fetkenher, Ross Nelson, Wes Cry

When you stop in, you'll likely spend some time checking out everything on the wall. Besides local history, we've got some local achievements up. As a small tight nit community, we're proud when we've got a friend or relative to brag about, maybe you've heard of one of them?

Seating is comfortable, sturdy and plentiful despite our small size. The building is air conditioned, and well heated, keeping it comfortable in all climates. Three big screens make sure that if you're hoping to catch a game you aren't let down.

Sports, Entertainment, Functions
Milo Hotel's Popcorn Machine

A local favorite, the popcorn machine produces high quality popcorn that has that authentic movie theatre taste. Several different popcorn seasonings make a delicious snack, even more tasty. It's the perfect salty snack to go with a few cold beers.

Have a favorite tune stuck in your head? Need a drinking song at 1am in the morning? The Jukebox is kept up to date and reasonably priced. The speakers cover the whole bar so you can hear your songs from one end to the other.

Milo Hotels Music and Tunes

Looking to win some money? Our VLT's are on from open until close to satisfy all your gambling desires. Just remember to play within your limit and don't forget; if you win big, the next one is on you!

Hunter, gamer or just a fan of fun, everyone loves Buckhunter! A definite favorite of locals, the bar has even hosted tournaments. Hunt Whitetail Deer, Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Antelope or Moose. Bonus rounds between hunting zones let you shoot everything from frogs to targets. 

Buckhunter Tournments in Milo Hotel
T's Saloon Drink Specials

Make sure you check the daily specials board when you come in to see what's on sale. Beer, Paralyzers or even shots, can be had for better than normal prices if they're on the board.

Hungry? You can order a Hot Dog, Smokie, or Chili Cheese Dog, at any time. The hot dog roller ensures that each dog is cooked to perfection, and the chili is home-made by Prairie Perfection Catering, a definite area favorite.

Milo Hotel Food
ATM in T's Saloon Milo Alberta

Banks close early, and there is only one in town, but our ATM is open as long as we are (and also happens to be the only one in town)

Our Basement Renovation project is complete! With a wide open, roomy feel to it, the basement offers substantial extra seating capacity, making it perfect for events. Come downstairs for a tour or a history lesson. The basement has a pool table that once belonged to Sir William Cornelius Van Horne, and was housed in his Montreal Estate. Check out our Basement Gallery for more pictures and information.

Milo Hotel Food


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